Road to become a frontend developer
By Kartikey Yadav

In this article, I am going to explain what is frontend development and why you should give it a go and how to get started with a front end development

Have you ever wondered how there are so many awesome looking websites with animations, videos, and what not to make them more user friendly and easier to navigate for people and who builts these types of designs and who codes them? So are you interested to know about who are the people do that kind of stuff, yes you guessed it right they are the frontend developers

Why Become A Frontend Developer?

To begin with, I will first explain to you why you should choose a career in front end development and who should pursue it

So frontend development is basically how your site looks like and what is the design, how the user should interact with the website or web application, and other similar stuff everything related to visual, that you can see and what looks beautiful on these sites.

You can argue that a UI/UX designer make the design for a web app but that is the case in large companies only and if you are working as a freelancer than its highly likely that you will only make the design and convert that part into code and so because of this a front end developer should have the basic knowledge about how a web page or landing page should look like and how one should design such apps

Now here are some of the stats that will definitely help you to know the market value of a frontend developer and how learning such an in-demand skill will post up your career and help you become more efficient in your life.

1.Job Market

Job Market

Now that you have seen the demand, let us motivate you by showing you the salaries of front end developer if you are really good at what you are doing


Payscale of frontend developer

I hope this has motivated you enough and these are just that stats on what companies are paying you for your work but when you start helping people through your skill by freelancing then you truly will understand the money people are willing to pay if you make their customers convert through your web design and development skills

Just as they say you have to be good at one thing and if you are awesome in one particular domain then you can really go forward


Freelancer prices

How To Get Started ?

Let's start with knowing what are all the things or weapons in your arsenal are needed to become a frontend developer, yeah so basically you will be needing HTML, CSS, JS are the main things that are required for just starting out with web development and to build a basic web page or landing page, well you can use it to build advance sites as well but there is a better option like frameworks which I will explain later in this article

So what is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, well they are basically what makes a web page so if I were to give an analogy so the HTML is the noun, CSS is the adjective and JS is the verb the does the functionality or the action part, don't worry I will explain then in detail


Html is the barebone of a webpage and it stands for hypertext markup language it is not a programming language but yeah you need to learn it and what it gives is just everything you need like header, links, paragraphs, images, list items, etc everything is HTML


And when in that barebone you add something like some styling, like how will the buttons look what should be their width and many other features and this is all provided by something called a CSS which stands for cascading style sheets whose work is to make things look good


And when those things perform an action like when we press a button we need something to happen like submit a form or any other things the possibilities are many in that case, we use JS as in Javascript it is a programming language and is one of the top languages out there with the most demand in the market if you master this language you can pretty much change everything on the web

Topics For HTML

Some basic topics you need to cover in HTML are tags in HTML which can be header, paragraph, anchor, forms, tables, buttons, these are basic topics of HTML you can learn

Topics For CSS

In CSS some basic topics are selectors like the universal and element selector, classes, ids, specificity, inheritance, box model, media queries, and flexbox

Topics for JS

JS is a programming language so you have to learn everything which you basically learn in any programming so there everything is important to learn and also do remember to learn the latest syntax as it has different versions

Frameworks For CSS

So the order of learning will be like first learn HTML and then move onto CSS after that you can learn any CSS framework like Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc what CSS frameworks are that they make our life easier in writing CSS as it starts to get tricky as a number of elements start to grow but basically you have to learn the CSS from the basics and once you are convinced about that you can start using frameworks.

Learn JS with all the latest syntax and everything from beginner to pro and then you will find yourself in a comfortable position further in the journey of web development

What Is DOM?

After JS you can start learning DOM (Document Object Model) which is more of the things you can control it's like everything comes together when you use dom the HTML, CSS, JS everything is used and you are able to start changing stuff and adding functionalities like what happens when the button is clicked, how you what things to change when certain events happen in the webpage eg when you scroll or something like that so that what dom does.

Frontend Frameworks

Now if you want to further go into the depths of things you can always learn frontend frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, etc there are many of then, what a framework does is it really makes the process of making web pages and web apps super easy and every framework has its own learning curve and my advice would start learning and using one and understand what suits you the best

Yay! So you are basically ready to call yourself a frontend developer

Some Personal Advice

Join a community where you can ask doubts, I would recommend some discord or telegram group of web developers and lastly, if you want to buy any courses on web dev so on Udemy there are instructors like Colt Steele, Andrei Neagoie, Dr. Angela Yu, etc they teach web dev in a proper manner you can have a look at them and find yourself an awesome course

Hope you found this article useful

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Happy coding