How to start a web development project
By Kartikey Yadav

So you have learned the required skills for web development and want to know what can be the best way to start a project


How to basically structure my project? How can I make it more organized and efficient? How to not get messed up with all the things when into a project? I know I know these kinds of questions pop up into every developer's mind when they start making big projects, but don't worry I will help you get rid of most of them so keep reading.

If you are a beginner don't worry I know at the beginning stage of your journey you don't really care about structuring your project but for becoming more efficient in your project, I recommend you start applying the process I am going to talk about in this blog post right away and you will the results for yourself.

Now let's begin the process of making your project the best suited to your needs.


So there are five steps I am going to talk about in this video so let's go

Thinking of project

1. Understanding the project

a. It's very important to understand the project you want to build, not every minute detail is needed but you need to have a bigger picture in your mind of what you are gonna build.

So let's start by deciding the aim for your project if it's your personal project or your clients it will have some motive behind it so always work with that keeping that in mind.

Ex. If you want to sell something with that project or you want to make social media kind of project

b. Next is the target audience for the project, when you know who is your target audience you can clearly make your project best suited for those kinds of people

Ex. If your target audience is marketers then you will have a different approach and different features but if they are developers then it will differ.

c. Requirements for the project i.e the stack you are going to use and other technologies and illustrations and other stuff that you wanna include in your project.

Designing the project

2. Design your website

a. Now I know you are excited to start building your awesome project but first, let's start by designing the project how will it look, and what all can be the features to be added on the website.

b. Well, you can use any software like Adobe Xd, Figma, Sketch, etc for doing the same.

c. I know what you are thinking why should I do this I am no designer but you know what it's not about designing each piece it's just about sketching it roughly like wireframing so that you don't get lost in your process of building the project. It will also help you to make UI elements for your frontend.

Coding the project

3. Coding

a. Finally, we are on the part that you all love and enjoy doing because we are developers right, so now quickly set up your web development environment, the IDE you are gonna use, the libraries, and all the other stuff required.

b. There is one important thing always set up your Github repo before starting and commit on anything you add or remove like a feature or bugs because it will help you document and are many other benefits of starting a Github repo at the start of the project which will be covered in next blogs (shameless promotion)

c. Well, you could also check out other projects similar to which you are gonna make that also might help you.

d. Also, everyone has their own workflow so don't just get intimidated by others.

Managing the project


a. So now to keep everything organized you can also use project management tools they are really simple to use and some are also free for personal use. Eg. notion, ClickUp, Evernote, etc

b. Well if you can, you must try to document each and everything you do while doing a project so that it will instill confidence in the future projects you will build.

Deploying the project

5. Testing and Deployment

a. Well by now you have completed your project and are ready to deploy it but a very crucial thing beginner developers forget is testing, testing is really important for any project if you really want to make industry-ready apps then you have to test.

b. Also, test on different OS and different browsers that will help you find if there any vulnerability in your project and enable you to create a real masterpiece

c. Now you can deploy your project, if you have made a static site then you can host it on many platforms like Netlify, Vercel, etc, or if its a full-stack website with a backend and the frontend you have to use services like Heroku, Digital Ocean, etc

That's it guys I have told you the way in which you can make your projects more organized and efficient, now I know some of you are thinking that I don't do these things, man, then to my projects are awesome well these are my personal opinions through which I try to make things a slightly better, everybody has different approach if you think you can help us improve we would be glad to hear it and we can grow into a better community.


  1. Understanding the project.
  2. Designing the project.
  3. Coding the project.
  4. Managing the project.
  5. Testing and Deployment of the project

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